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BTS 143 Presentation Design & Delivery Advanced • 1 Cr.


Studies advanced business presentations using current software and professional standards. Topics include content development, custom animation and sound, custom designs, custom graphics, security, narration and alternative delivery modes including print and self-running presentations. Projects create and deliver presentations that are professional, appropriate for the audience and organized. The entire series of BTS 141,142,143 , with no omissions, is equivalent to BTS 147.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Plan and develop a purposeful presentation.
  • Analyze audience needs and expectations.
  • Develop appropriate content for the purpose and audience of the presentation.
  • Organize and prepare for a presentation
  • Analyze the benefits and drawbacks of graphics, animation, sound and delivery modes and identify how to effectively use them in a presentation
  • Apply design and presentation principles to the creation of customized presentations for a variety of business purposes.
  • Apply security principles to file management.
  • Deliver an electronic presentation that uses sound presentation skills appropriate to the audience and the technology needs.
  • Edit and proofread presentations for readability.
  • Research resources to solve problems independently

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