Admission Process for Students Under 18

We walk you through the steps for admission if you're under the age of 18.

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General Information

Use this process if you are:

  • Attending high school, or
  • Homeschooled and working at a high school grade level, and
  • Under the age of 18, and
  • Except for Summer Quarter, you are not enrolled in one of our high school programs (see below).

If you completed high school, or plan to complete before you start taking classes you do not need to complete this process. Please go directly to the General Admission application.

Contact enrollment services if you will be a high school graduate by the time you start classes at Bellevue College but still have a hold related to this process on your ctcLink account.

Except for Summer Quarter enrollment, If you plan to take part in one of our high school programs do not use this process. Please contact those programs for their application process.


The college admits students under the age of 18 who meet one of these conditions:

  • Students age 16 or 17,
  • Students in the 11th or 12th grade,
  • Students under the age of 16 and in the 9th or 10th grade, who can show an unique situation that justifies early admission to the college.

Application Steps

  • Complete the General Admission application.
  • Meet the application deadline. Check the Academic Calendar for the suggested admission application deadline. You must meet this deadline for the quarter you wish to start taking classes.

Follow and complete the steps in the email you receive after you apply. For additional information go to Get Started at Bellevue College.

  • School District Registration Release and Parent/Guardian Consent Form,
    • Homeschool students submit this form with a parent/guardian signature only and the Declaration of Intent form given to your school district, or the State of Washington indicating your parent/guardian’s intent to homeschool you. OR
  • If attending only during summer quarter submit the Summer under 18 Admission Parent/Guardian Consent Form
    • Note: For Summer Quarter only, we do not require permission from a School District official.
  • If under the age of 16 and in the 9th or 10th grade, submit a letter in your own words that includes:
    • Your name and student ID number,
    • The type of classes you plan to take, and
    • The unique situation that makes it necessary for you to attend the college.
      • Please note that homeschool does not count as a unique situation.

Use the button below to access the document submission upload process:

Applicants under 18 Document Submission Upload Site

New Students must attend a New Student Orientation session.

Additional Information

Approval to take part in the Running Start (RS) and CEO program for the upcoming fall quarter, also allows you to take Summer Quarter classes. This means you do not need to complete additional steps, and you can enroll for classes during your enrollment time, or open enrollment. Use this link for instructions on How to Enroll for Classes.

For Summer Quarter 2022, the RS program does include limited options for RS students to take classes as part of the program – meaning tuition is covered by the program. Contact the RS Office for additional information.

** Note: if you applied for fall quarter admission, you must submit a term activation request to have the application adjusted to summer quarter.

To avoid additional underage enrollment approval steps, NEW RS students must:

  • Complete all New Student Running Start processes, which include:
    • Apply for General Admission
    • Complete the RS Intent Form
    • Attend the Pre-Enrollment Orientation session

All New and Continuing RS students must:

  • Submit the Enrollment Verification Form (EVF)

We encourage you to visit our Parents and Guardians website for information about the college and your role in supporting your student.