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FS 290 Advanced Codes & Inspection • 3 Cr.


Utilizing the International Fire Code, course builds on FS 190 by analyzing specific articles of the code that are more difficult to interpret and apply. Looks closely at local, state, and federal regulations that apply to the IFC. Prerequisite: FS 190 or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Develop written correspondence to communicate fire protection and prevention requirements, given a complex fire safety issue, so that the correspondence reflects research and accurate interpretation of codes.
  • Testify at legal proceedings, in role play, given the findings of an inspection, a plan review or complaint, and consultation with legal council, so that all information is presented accurately and the inspectors demeanor is appropriate to the proceeding.
  • Describe in writing, the process of documenting complaints, given a complicated situation, so that the information is recorded and the follow-up process is dear and prompt.
  • Generate correspondence related to the issuance of appeals or variances to the code, given a request for a variance so that the resulting document clearly addresses the issue and your findings are clear.
  • In writing, assess the impact of proposed codes, ordinances and legislation, given draft documents, so that the impact of the proposal on fire safety and code enforcement is clearly documented.
  • Compute the occupancy load of a complex multiple use building so that the maximum occupant load calculation is accurate and in accordance with the International Fire Code.
  • Estimate fire growth potential of the furnishings and decorative materials used in a building so that actual fire growth potential can be evaluated to be within allowable code requirements.

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