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INDES 146 Practical Applications of Sustainable Design • 5 Cr.


From where does "Green" come? Translate theoretical knowledge in INDES 145 into practical design methodology, research interior materials and building systems, and apply that knowledge to design decisions in an environmentally responsible manner. Presents the LEED rating system within the context of professional interior design practice, how LEED encourages design teams to achieve high performance design, and how to effectively use the LEED rating system as a tool to benefit the environment and your community and profession. Prerequisite: INDES 145 with a C- or better.


Prerequisite: INDES 145 with a C- or better.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Accurately identify and describe sustainable resource concepts which respond to global environmental impacts.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of environmental toxins that impact human and environmental health, by identifying the various toxins present in building interiors, and the specific materials which contribute to poor indoor environmental quality.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the application of sustainable building methods and materials through use of Life Cycle Assessment methods.
  • Document the appropriate application of LEED rating standards as they apply to interior materials by successfully evaluating and preparing green materials specifications.

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