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SOC 122 Activism & Social Change • 5 Cr.


Can one person make a difference? What does making a difference look like? Using literature, film, music, and news media to look at past and present social movements, examine what makes us engage in acts of political protest, and critically analyze why some resistance efforts are successful and others are not.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an increased knowledge of social movements and activism both historically and contemporarily;
  • Apply theories of mobilization and movement formation to social activism;
  • Explain the general dynamics of social movements including organizational strategies, resource mobilization, and collective identity;
  • Describe types of social movements, including identity movements, political movements, grassroots movements, and institutionalized movements;
  • Discuss the institutionalization of social movements into law and policy; and
  • Explore the role of art, literature, music, and/or popular culture in activism.



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