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SOC 230 Education in the 21st Century • 5 Cr.


What role do education and schools play in society? How do schools both reinforce and challenge prevailing social practices? Untangle such complex issues as gender differences in education, racial and ethnic segregation, and affirmative action, and learn more about current political controversies about schools.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Apply a sociological perspective to schooling;
  • Explain the impact schooling has on identity development, role-taking behavior, and deviance;
  • Outline the ways in which schools are used to enforce social conformity;
  • Identify, question, and critically analyze the major purposes of formal education;
  • Identify the explicit and “hidden” curriculum of schools;
  • Describe how schools both challenge and perpetuate inequalities;
  • Explain how schools become segregated by class and by race;
  • Discuss the purpose and effects of affirmative action;
  • Discuss the impact of gender in the classroom and in schools generally;
  • Critically assess the role that the educational system has in supporting other social institutions, like the economy;
  • Illustrate alternatives to the current educational structure; and
  • Apply the course material to his or her own life, allowing for a deeper understanding of his/her own educational experience.

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