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SOC 252 Work and the Culture of Employment • 5 Cr.


Got a job? Need a job? Don?t want a job? What does it mean to be a worker? Understand the complexities of workers, poverty, and social reform. See yourself as a worker, and understand what that may mean. Topics may include Unions, the class system in America, and the idea of a "good job."


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Explain how work experiences vary across racial, gender, and class lines;
  • Critically assess the impact work has had on families;
  • Discuss the social and political power of business owners, managers, and workers;
  • Describe who workers are in dominant U.S. popular culture;
  • Examine the ways in which dominant representations of workers are culturally subverted and contrasted; and
  • Analyze the struggles of immigrant workers in what is now seen as the global village of multinational organizations.

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