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SOC 265 City Life and Culture • 5 Cr.


What?s the difference between The City and The Country? What do Suburbs have to do with The City? How are cities imagined? Investigate the structures and activities of city life with themes like urban development, decay, renewal, art and architecture, wealth and poverty, growth of the suburbs and/or overall transformation of the City.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe the structural conditions that led to the creation of cities and suburbs in America;
  • Discuss the basic social theories of urbanization and suburbanization;
  • Identify the major historical events that led to the rapid development of cities;
  • Critically analyze the social, political and cultural forces contributing to the concentration of poverty, homelessness, and other social problems in urban centers;
  • Identify some of the ways in which urban landscapes impact the culture of groups and the lives of individuals; and
  • Critically analyze how The City shapes inequalities and identities.

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