Digital Media Arts

Associate in Arts Degree
Digital Media Arts

Brief Description

The Digital Media Arts associate degree provides students the opportunity to gain fundamental skills in the application of digital tools to video, games, animations, design and graphics in a project-based, hands-on environment. A range of elective options supports individual educational and employment goals. Students who have completed the degree should have a strong portfolio, workplace skills and trans-media competency. Robust faculty mentoring and frequent portfolio review support students as they prepare to continue their studies or pursue work as freelance artists or as employees.

Learning Outcomes

Degree recipients should possess the skills and abilities described below:

  • Effectively use a variety of tools and processes for producing contemporary forms of digital media
  • Effectively use multiple contemporary media delivery platforms and delivery systems
  • Use a cluster of industry standard applications to create digital media
  • Use current industry standards of production, design, and function within a chosen area of specialization
  • Apply coursework and area of specialization towards transitioning from school to working in the industry
  • Identify career ladders and options for further education
  • Plan, create and maintain a professional portfolio highlighting and marketing skills and capabilities. Present this portfolio via websites, blogs, and social media
  • Collaborate and communicate in ways that support design team and/or group
  • Accurately describe the phases of production (pre, production and post) as well as the project management tasks inherent in each phase

Completion Worksheet

Download the completion worksheet for this degree [PDF]

Program Requirements

Core Coursework

Course # Course Name Credit Hrs.
DMA 100 Portfolio & Employment I 2
DMA 102 Digital Design & Storytelling 5
DMA 103 Graphic Design Fundamentals 5
DMA 104 Motion Graphic Fundamentals 5
DMA 105 Production Studio I 5
DMA 106 Animation & Game Design Fundamentals 5
DMA 107 Web Design Fundamentals 5
DMA 108 Video Fundamentals 5
DMA 201 Portfolio & Employment II 2
DMA 290 Portfolio Presentation & Reviews 1
DMA 292 Internship in Media 5

Written Communication

Course # Course Name Credit Hrs.
Choose 5 credits from the following: 5
CES 287 American Heroes (5 Cr)
CMST 136 Writing for the World Wide Web (5 Cr)
CMST 141 Introduction to Media Writing (5 Cr)
CMST 216 Scripting for Film & Multimedia (5 Cr)
ENGL& 101 English Composition I (5 Cr)
ENGL 201 The Research Paper (5 Cr)
ENGL 237 Writing Fiction I (5 Cr)
HIST 120 Global History (5 Cr)
HIST& 146 US History (5 Cr)

Quantitative & Critical Thinking

Course # Course Name Credit Hrs.
Choose 5 credits from the following: 5
BUS 145 Business Mathematics (5 Cr)
MATH& 107 Math in Society (5 Cr)
PHIL 115 Critical Reasoning (5 Cr)

Cultural Diversity
Course # Course Name Credit Hrs.
Choose 5 credits from the following: 5
ANTH& 100 Survey of Anthropology (5 Cr)
ART 103 American Art & Architecture (5 Cr)
CES 200 Cultural Pluralism (5 Cr)
CMST 134 Cultural Studies in Mass Media (5 Cr)
CMST 280 Intercultural Communication (5 Cr)
MUSC 117 Music of the World (5 Cr)
PSYC 250 Cross Cultural Psychology (5 Cr)
SOC 122 Activism & Social Change (5 Cr)
SOC 210 Popular Culture (5 Cr)
SOC 215 TV Culture & Society (5 Cr)
SOC 275 Technology in Society (5 Cr)

Course # Course Name Credit Hrs.
Choose 30 credits from the following: 30
ART 120 Drawing I (5 Cr)
ART 121 History of Animation (5 Cr)
CMST 119 History of Animation (5 Cr)
DMA 125 Drawing for Animation I (5 Cr)
DMA 126 Drawing for Animation II (5 Cr)
DMA 140 Gaming Theory (5 Cr)
DMA 152 Audio & Recording for Digital Media
DMA 155 Digital Editing (5 Cr)
DMA 213 Screen Design (5 Cr)
DMA 214 Graphics I (5 Cr)
DMA 215 Graphics II (5 Cr)
DMA 230 3-D Animation I (5 Cr)
DMA 231 3-D Animation II (5 Cr)
DMA 234 Motion Graphics I (5 Cr)
DMA 235 Motion Graphics II ( 5 CR)
DMA 240 Game Design I (5 Cr)
DMA 241 Game Design II (5 Cr)
DMA 255 Video Production I (5 Cr)
DMA 258 Video Studio Production (5 Cr)
DMA 259 Video Production II (5 Cr)
DMA 263 Web Design I (5 Cr)
DMA 264 Web Design II (5 Cr)
DMA 291 The Business of Media (5 Cr)
DMA 294/5/6/7 Special Topics in Digital Media Arts (5 Cr)
DMA 298 Seminars in Digital Media Arts (5 Cr)
DMA 299 Individual Studies in Digital Media Arts (5 Cr)

Certificate of Achievement:
Advanced Video Production

Brief Description

The Advanced Track Video Production Training program at Bellevue College is a one-year on-the-job training program for individuals who either have some professional video or film experience or prior training in video production. “Class” consists of participating as producers or crew for Television Services productions.

Students receive training in all aspects of video production – from project design to production to post-production. This program gives students the opportunity to work with professional quality equipment and specialize in areas of interest. Admission to program requires application and interview.

Completion Worksheet

Download the completion worksheet for this certificate [PDF]

Program Requirements

Core Coursework

Course # Course Name Credit Hrs.
DMA 271 Production Systems 4
DMA 272 Technical Operation for Video 4
DMA 273 Production Practicum I 4
DMA 274 Production Design 4
DMA 275 Computer-Video Integration I 4
DMA 276 Production Practicum II 4
DMA 277 Production Management 4
DMA 278 Computer-Video Integration II 4
DMA 279 Production Practicum III 4
DMA 280 Production Portfolio 3
DMA 281 Career Preparation 6
DMA 282 Production Practicum IV 3

Professional or technical program offerings and course requirements listed in this website may be altered by the college to reflect the needs of industry, student interests and availability of resources.

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Last Updated September 23, 2015