Movie Making

Associate in Arts Degree Movie Making

Notice: This program has been rolled in to the Film Studies concentration of the Associate in Arts and Science Transfer Degree. For more information see the Communication Studies website.

Brief Description

Movie Making offers a solid background in theoretical, aesthetic, technical and economic aspects of filmmaking with a hands-on foundation for creating both dramatic and documentary films and videos. Experience on professional film sets introduces students to work in today's motion picture and television industry. In addition to hands-on experience in camera set-ups, lighting, shooting and editing, students explore topics in literature, communication, and history. Students also explore writing and expressing stories within the visual media.

Learning Outcomes

Degree recipients should possess the skills and abilities described below:

  • Accurately use disciplinary and industry terminology and concepts concerning screen writing, camera set-ups, lighting, shooting and editing
  • Understand and apply film industry-specific job skills relating to screen writing, production, cinematography, lighting, art, production design, editing, and current camera equipment and technologies
  • Write, analyze, and evaluate components of diverse story structures for any given industry production
  • Design visual media based on theoretical, aesthetic, technical, cultural and economic aspects of filmmaking
  • Effectively carry out diverse roles and functions within the filmmaking process and team
  • Keep up with the newest technology available to film makers
  • Showcase films on the web

Completion Worksheet

Download the completion worksheet for the Movie Making degree [PDF]


Course No. Course Name  Credit Hrs.
ANTH& 100 Survey of Anthropology 5
CMST 115 Visual Storytelling 5
CMST 120 Film History 5
CMST 133 Media Aesthetics 5
CMST 134 Cultural Studies in Mass Media 5
CMST 138 Media Digital Law & Ethics 5
CMST 216 Scripting for Film Video & Multimedia 5
CMST 260   Art of Cinematography & Lighting 5
CMST 291 Making Movies 5
CMST 299 Special Projects in Communication 5
DMA 152 Audio & Recording I 5
DMA 155 Video Editing & Streaming 5
DMA 201 Portfolio and Employment II 3
DMA 290  Portfolio Presentation & Review 3
PHIL 115 Critical Reasoning 5
Choose 5 credits from the following: 5
CMST 141 Introduction to Media Writing (5 Cr)  
ENGL& 101 English Composition I (5 Cr)  
Choose 5 credits from the following: 5
BUS 219 Business of Film & Video Production (5 Cr)  
DMA 251  Business of Film & Video Production (5 Cr)  
Choose 15 credits from the following: 15
CES 115 American Film as Literature (5 Cr)  
CES 286 Popular Culture (5 Cr)  
CES 287 American Heroes (5 Cr)  
CMST 121 Exploring the Documentary (5 Cr)  
CMST 122 Introduction to Movie Making (5 Cr)  
CMST 131 Exploring the Digital Future (5 Cr)  
CMST 132 Techniques & Technology of Propaganda (5 Cr)  
DRMA 161 Acting for Film & Media (5 Cr)  
ENGL 115 The Film as Literature (5 Cr)  
Any ENGLISH 200-level Literature
course (5 Cr)
Total   91

Professional or technical program offerings and course requirements listed in this website may be altered by the college to reflect the needs of industry, student interests and availability of resources.

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