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ART 205 Survey of Non-Western Art • 5 Cr.



An overview of the visual art of Asia (including India, China, and Japan), the Native Americas, Oceania, and Africa. Examines the development of the visual arts of the non-western world within unique cultural traditions as well as within certain cross-cultural contexts. Slide lecture format. Two-off campus field trips required.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify and name the formal VISUAL ELEMENTS AND PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN used in making a work of art.
  • Identify and name both general and particular STYLES of non-western art.
  • Identify and name SPECIFIC WORKS selected as examples of non-western art styles.
  • Name the COUNTRY OF ORIGIN AND/OR CULTURAL AFFILIATION of specific works of non-western art.
  • Identify and name the RELIGIOUS AND MYTHOLOGICAL SUBJECT MATTER of select works for non-western art.
  • Create an actual work of art or design a room relating in materials as well as subject matter to one of the styles of non-western art covered in the course.
  • Discuss and analyze photographic images of works of art, as viewed in class or online via slides or digital images and text(s), utilizing a vocabulary based on the visual elements and principles of design.
  • Discuss and analyze actual works of art, as viewed first-hand on field trips to local museums and galleries, utilizing a vocabulary based on the visual elements and principles of design.
  • Research information at a library and on-line on a chosen topic concerning non-western art and synthesize that information with classroom lectures and textbook information into a unified written paper.
  • Appreciate the importance of both individual cultural developments as well their contributions to Global culture.



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