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BIOL& 212 Biology Majors Animal or Cellular or Plant • 6 Cr.




Second in a three-course sequence for science majors and pre-professional students. Topics include evolution of species, embryonic development of animals, vertebrate systems, and animal taxonomy. Prerequisite: BIOL& 211 (prev BIOL 201).


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Continue use of biology laboratory equipment and tools and techniques correctly to observe specimens and to design and perform experiments using the methodology of scientific inquiry.
  • Continue application of general conceptual skills (e.g., observation, problem solving, hypothesis generation and testing) that are used in the sciences.
  • Continue collecting, recording, analyzing, interpreting and evaluating biological data during laboratory investigations and communicating these interpretations in laboratory reports.
  • Continue to interpret and summarize scientific literature.
  • Discuss the historical development of the theory of evolution, and describe the evidences supporting the theory of evolution.
  • Describe the principles and mechanisms of evolution.
  • Provide examples of speciation mechanisms.
  • Identify key events in the history of life on earth, including various hypotheses concerning the origins of life and multicellularity.
  • Explain how morphological and genetic data are used in constructing phylogenetic trees
  • Compare and contrast the major characteristics of the diversity of organisms within the animal kingdom.
  • Describe and compare the major organ systems in animals, with emphasis of chordate structure and function, including nutrition, circulation, gas exchange, immune system, fluid balance, reproduction and development, endocrine system, nervous, sensor and motor systems.
  • Discuss links between experience, learning and behavior.
  • Discuss evolutionary, genetic and environmental influences that contribute to the development of behaviors



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