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BOTAN 113 Plant Identification and Classification • 6 Cr.




Covers the nomenclature, classification, field study, and laboratory identification of common plant families, with emphasis on the conspicuous flora of Western and Central Washington. Format includes fieldwork, including two full-day trips to Central Washington.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Explain the relationship between systematic botany, the taxonomic system, nomenclature and documentation.
  • Locate, key and correctly identify, by Latin binomial, any native or established plant with the aid of a regional flora and field guides.
  • Use theoretical and practical scientific knowledge to evaluate the role of native habitats to sustainability in relation to interdependence, interconnectedness, biodiversity and ecosystem integrity.
  • Describe the ecological, anatomical and morphological significance of species interactions and interrelationships relating to pollination, predation, climate and symbiosis.



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