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CJ& 112 Introduction to Criminology • 5 Cr.


Surveys the study of crime, causation, and criminals. Topics include types and characteristics of offenders and criminal behaviors, recidivism, environmental influences, diagnostic methods, prediction, prevention, and social policy.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Define, recognize, and explain, key concepts related to the field of study called Criminology.
  • Explain the various methods of measuring crime, including the techniques of scientific methodology employed in each measure, the strengths and weakness characteristic of each measure, and the sociological, political, and economic usefulness of each measure.
  • Distinguish and explain the principle theories that attempt to explain various criminal behavior patterns that exist in the United States.
  • Compare and contrast the crime rate in the United States with that of other industrialized countries around the world.
  • Use theory to explain criminal behavior as it is commonly portrayed in the movies.
  • Identify the authors of the principle theories that attempt to explain various criminal behavior patterns.
  • Describe and articulate the historical development of criminological theories as they occurred and progressed throughout the world.
  • Critically analyze, compare and contrast the basic approaches to the control of crime utilized in this country.



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