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MATH 130 Introduction to Statistics • 5 Cr.




Emphasis on gathering and interpreting data. Material has applications in the medical fields, as well as the Social Sciences. Fulfills the quantitative or symbolic reasoning course at BC. Prerequisite: Placement by assessment or MATH 098 with a C or better.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Use the main statistical functions on a Graphing Calculator such as TI-83.
  • Construct and interpret appropriate displays of data, including time plots, scatterplots, histograms and pie charts.
  • Recognize the difference between continuous and discrete variables.
  • Identify the population and recognize bias in sampling.
  • Select a simple random sample and recognize sources of error.
  • Distinguish between observational studies and experiments.
  • Outline the design of a completely random experiment.
  • Recognize the placebo effect.
  • Recognize when a double blind experiment is appropriate.
  • Find the mean, median, mode and mid-range of a set of data.
  • Compute variance and standard deviation.
  • Explain what the standard deviation tells us about a set of data.
  • Use the standard deviation to compute z-scores and percentiles.
  • Explain the concept of (mathematical) randomness.
  • List the sample space of simple probability experiments.
  • Explain what the Law of Large Numbers does NOT say and how it relates to classical probability.
  • Apply the rules of probability in context and compute expected values.
  • Apply the definition of dependence and independence to determine if events are independent or dependent.
  • Recognize when the Normal Distribution is appropriate and when it's not.
  • Solve problems involving the Standard Normal Distribution.
  • Use the Central Limit Theorem to find probabilities of sampling means.
  • Interpret and find confidence intervals.
  • Test hypotheses dealing with means and proportions.
  • Use Regression Analysis to test correlation of data and find an equation relating data.



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