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NUTR 100 Survey of Nutrition • 5 Cr.




A scientific view of human nutrition. Topics include digestion, absorption and nutrient requirements for healthy living, use of food additives, food fads and diets, food safety and world hunger.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe a healthy diet in the context of current scientific evidence and cultural (social, ethnic, religious, etc.) health and diet patterns.
  • Explain the uses and limitations of the various dietary reference intakes (DRI) for human nutrition.
  • Conduct and evaluate a current nutritional status self-analysis.
  • Explain how micro and macro nutrients function in digestion, absorption and elimination in the human body.
  • Explain how diet and exercise impact human health.
  • Explain the types of eating disorders their health impacts.
  • Discuss the importance and value of food safety and the main types and functions of food additives.
  • Discuss food scarcity, impact and solutions in relation to local and global hunger.



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