PHIL 260 Business Ethics • 5 Cr.


Introduction to ethical theories relevant to issues and problems in business. Explores ethical concerns in marketing, race/gender bias, economics, the natural environment, employee-employer duties, and civic relations. Same as BUS 260. Either PHIL 260 or BUS 260 may be taken for credit, not both.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Formulate, clarify, and evaluate arguments.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ethical theories (e.g., Utilitarianism, Relativism) relevant to contemporary business practice.
  • Apply ethical theories to specific cultural considerations (e.g., race bias in employment practice, breast-feeding policies in the workplace).
  • Explain the philosophical justifications for property rights, including intellectual property.
  • Explain and evaluate a range of positions on corporate responsibility.
  • Explain the ethical foundations of contractual obligations and their limits.
  • Analyze a realistic business case study using more than one ethical approach.