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PSYC& 100 General Psychology • 5 Cr.


Presents methods, concepts, and principles of psychology. Topics include psychophysiology, sensation and perception, learning and memory, motivation, development, emotion, health, stress, personality, and abnormalities and their treatments.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe the purpose, comprehensive scope, and areas of application in the discipline of psychology.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the scientific process by applying and/or critiquing various research methods used by psychologists in the study of behavior.
  • Recognize, compare and contrast various theoretical perspectives used to explain and guide psychological research and application.
  • Identify historical and present-day contributions of major psychologists.
  • Define importrant psychological terms, concepts, processes and principles.
  • Apply critical thinking to assumptions, claims, and common sense ideas about behavior.
  • Demonstrate the application of psychological principles and findings to one's own life.
  • In terms of general education outcomes, students will be able to
    • Use cognitive and creative skills:
      • Analyzing (identifying and evaluating problems)
      • Synthesizing (interpreting situations, drawing conclusions, and making connections)
    • Improving communication skills:
      • Doing research (gathering and documenting information)
      • Delivering one or more written, oral and /or visual presentations with formal documentation)
    • Applying personal skills:
      • Understanding the influence of stress, nutrition, and life style on personal health and performance.



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