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PSYC& 200 Lifespan Psychology • 5 Cr.


Presents research and theories regarding human growth and change across the life span. Students explore factors that affect psychosocial, cognitive, and physical development from psychological and socio-cultural perspectives. May require participation in projects. Prerequisite: PSYC& 100.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Compare and contrast stage theory and transition theory, discussing continuity, stability, and chronology issues.
  • Identify the three major research methods: descriptive, correlational and experimental designs and relate them to the unique challenges of developmental research.
  • Describe the interactions of genetics and environmental influences at each stage of the lifespan.
  • Compare and contrast the cognitive theory of Jean Piaget with the information processing theories of cognitive development.
  • Compare and contrast the psychosocial theory of Erik Eikson with the psychosexual theory of Freud.
  • Articulate the prenatal health issues and birthing options as influences on prenatal development.
  • Apply knowledge of cross cultrual research to developmental differences across the life span
  • Articulate common issues and perspectives, for each life stage in order to communicate effectively across the lifespan.



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