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PSYC 109 Psychology of Adjustment • 5 Cr.


Teaches the scientific principles of psychology as they relate to adaptation to life's challenges. Topics include the nature and management of stress, coping strategies, interpersonal communication, relationship dynamics, self concept, life-long learning, and career development.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Apply theories about the nature of personal adjustment to better adapt, cope, and manage problems, challenges, and demands of life.
  • Identify and clarify personal values as a function of one’s knowledge of identity issues.
  • Identify methods leading to subjective well being in terms of personal happiness and satisfaction.
  • Apply a scientific approach to be a wise consumer of information.
  • Cite sound psychological principles based on underlying research in the following areas: personality, identity, stress, coping, communication, relationships, career development, sexuality and health.
  • Apply these principles and findings to one's own life.

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