Notes from the President

Nov 18, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

ctcLink is here! On behalf of the entire Bellevue College community, I want to express my sincere admiration and thanks to every person who contributed to the launch of ctcLink.

It has been (and continues to be) a true team effort and an amazing accomplishment. The endless hours spent working on the transition to ctcLink and now working toward its full integration into our campus is indicative of BC employees’ professionalism, care, and commitment. There is undoubtedly a lot more for all of us to do and learn, but I am so proud and grateful for the team who brought us to this point so successfully and continues to do the hard work fully implementing ctcLink.

I especially want to thank ctcLink Project Manager Maria Rivas and ctcLink Executive Sponsor Rodger Harrison who both provide terrific and steadfast leadership and never-ending enthusiasm!

Transgender Awareness Week

BC celebrates Transgender Awareness Week November 13-19, a time when transgender and gender nonconforming individuals and their allies advocate around the issues of prejudice, discrimination, and violence that transgender individuals face. And November 20 is Transgender Day of Remembrance which honors the memory of the transgender people whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. You can learn more about these observances on the GLAAD website. Please take this opportunity to celebrate and advocate for transgender people on our campus, in our families, and in our community.


Exploring a New Bus Route on Campus.

We are continuing to work in partnership with the City of Bellevue and King County Metro to explore new public bus routes that would make the College a central hub for public transit, thereby improving bus service to the campus for our students and staff, but would also reduce the number of busses traveling through the heart of our campus thereby increasing pedestrian safety.  A BC student and I recently participated in a video to talk about the benefits of building new transit routes serving our campus.

Support Theatre Arts at BC.

Attend “The Ruby Sunrise” live at the Carlson Theatre on November 17 through 20. The play, written by Rinne Groff and directed by Tammis Doyle, examines the mechanics of storytelling and the ways in which truth can be compromised and histories revised. Tickets are available to purchase online.

Don’t Forget Your Flu Shot!

It’s that time of year again: as fall rolls around and holiday gatherings approach, so does flu season. I strongly encourage everyone on campus to get a flu shot, and you may even be able to get one for free in King County. Learn more on the Public Health – Seattle & King County website.


Congratulations to art faculty member Molly Jae Vaughan who recently received one of two Betty Parsons Fellowships from the Art Matters Foundation for her continued work on Project 42, a memorial project celebrating the lives of murdered trans and gender non-conforming American’s. The fellowship specifically supports women/female-identified artists honoring the legacy of artist and gallerist Betty Parsons.

Thank you to the staff in the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives and their partners across campus who contributed to BC being ranked in the Top 40 Leading Associate’s Institutions in the 2021 IIE Open Doors Report. Per the 2021 Open Doors report, BC ranked #12 in the nation among colleges, and a historical number #2 in the state of Washington among colleges and community colleges. BC surpassed for the first time in the last 10 years Seattle Central and Edmonds College, with only Green River coming ahead of BC. This is an amazing accomplishment, particularly during two difficult years in which international programs nationally were affected by COVID-19. BC’s international students contributed $19.6 million to district nine of Washington, the highest international student contribution in the state of Washington among community colleges.

Congratulations to faculty members: Sylvia Unwin, Dena Laney, Kurt Friedrich, and staff members: Shanon Reedy, Shayna Begun, and Alysa Kelsey who worked on the launch of a new artificial intelligence-focused bachelor’s degree. Learn more about the new degree in a story featured in 425 Business.

In Memoriam

I conclude today’s note to express my sadness for the recent loss of a student and a faculty member.

Max Martlin and his mother were killed when a tree fell on their car during the recent storms. Max had just completed his two-year degree and started on his four-year degree; he was planning to go into real estate or business, according to his family.

Computer Science adjunct faculty member James Livingston passed away last week. Interim Dean Fuller shared how devoted James was to his students and that he made extraordinary accommodations to continue teaching despite dealing with illness. He will be remembered for his passion and commitment to education.

I wish comfort and peace to the families of Max and James during this difficult time.

Gary Locke

Interim President