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Together, with Eastern Washington University (EWU), we offer five bachelor’s degree options on our campus through Eastern @ Bellevue. Find specific offerings and requirements on this page or contact Eastern @ Bellevue directly.

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Bachelor’s Degrees:

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

The EWU Interdisciplinary studies degree in social and behavioral sciences provides a strong foundation in social science theory and research for career preparation, advancement or entrance to graduate studies. Students who have already earned an associate degree may complete the bachelor’s in two years by taking some summer classes or receiving credit for prior learning experience.

B.A. in Business Administration with Major in Management

Students first complete a BC Associate in Arts and Sciences Direct Transfer Degree (AAS-DTA) or an Associate of Business (AB-DTA/MRP) including coursework covering eight of Eastern’s business program requirements. Then they complete 90 credits of EWU courses on the Bellevue College campus to earn the bachelor’s degree.

B.A. in Children’s Studies Early Childhood Education Option

The interdisciplinary Children’s Studies major with an Early Childhood focus plus other EWU requirements (minor, culture and diversity courses, and international studies course) completes a EWU four-year bachelor’s degree that is offered on the Bellevue College campus. Students first complete or concurrently enroll in an Associate in Arts and Sciences Direct Transfer Degree (AAS-DTA) or an Associate in Applied Science – T degree in Early Childhood Education at Bellevue College or equivalent institution.

The curriculum of the EWU major focuses on the developmental, learning and social issues of children, preparing students for professional opportunities working in programs for young children. In addition, this degree can be used as an Early Childhood Education endorsement if an elementary education teacher’s certificate is earned in the future.

B.A. in Psychology

Eastern @ Bellevue is proud to offer a B.A. in psychology. Psychology is the science of human behavior and experience and seeks to provide answers to some of the most interesting, yet difficult, questions humankind has asked.

Psychology is one of the most versatile degrees offered. A bachelor’s degree in psychology prepares students for a wide variety of career areas, many outside the specific field of psychology. Administrative jobs, business management and sales, education, public relations and public affairs research, and social services are just some of places a degree in psychology from Easter @ Bellevue can take you!

B.S. in Applied Technology

Students first complete an associate’s degree in network support at BC and then earn the additional 95-100 credits through classes at BC. The EWU bachelor’s degree is intended to prepare students to enter the workforce in the areas of network service, maintenance and support.

Professional or technical program offerings and course requirements listed in this website may be altered by the college to reflect the needs of industry, student interests and availability of resources.

This website is designed as a tool to assist in making degree selection decisions, but may not be up-to-date in all instances. Please review worksheets with an advisor to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date information.

Gainful Employment information for many programs is available on the Public Disclosure website.

Last Updated July 27, 2017