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Save on gas and parking costs by carpooling.

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Register with your Bellevue College email on BC Ridematch. Create a trip, find ride matches and connect via email or meet on campus to form a carpool. Find out the true cost of your commute, save money, and calendar your trips to win great prizes!

Reserved Carpool Parking

Make parking easy: registered carpool get access to reserved parking spaces on the first floor of the garage. Bring three or more people to the K building. One parking permit required. Find out more at the K building or visit the Public Safety website.


Long commute? Dissatisfied with the idea of driving alone? Take a look and see if a Vanshare could work for you: King County Metro Rideshare has all the resources you need to join a group of professionals and start saving money by commuting in a van! See if there are any vanpools in your area at the Metro Vanpool Riders Wanted, or recruit riders and start your own van. Metro even provides for you a Metro VanPool Starter Kit. You can also find vans through BC RideMatch!

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