Driving to campus alone is Bellevue College’s largest greenhouse gas emission source. Save on gas and parking costs by carpooling. New carpool network service coming soon!

BC's campus.

Options and Benefits to Carpooling to BC

Reserved Carpool Parking

Split the cost of a parking pass with two others and get premium, reserved parking on the first floor of the parking garage. Register by bringing three or more people to Public Safety at B132 beside Print Services. One parking permit required (split with your carpoolers!). Find out more at the B building (B132) or email


Long commute? Dissatisfied with the idea of driving alone? Take a look and see if a Vanshare could work for you. King County Metro Rideshare has all the resources you need to join a group of professionals and start saving money by commuting in a van. See if there are any vanpools in your area, or recruit riders and start your own van.

Don’t want to pay for parking? Try:

A bicycle is parked in bike rack.
  • ORCA Card: Many options for staff, faculty, and students
  • Bicycling: Check out area bike maps find your way, parking and showers when you arrive, and the repair station north of the bus shelter.

Need help with your commute?

Contact Transportation Assistance to learn more about your commuting options and figure out the best way for you to get to campus.