Carpooling & BC Ridematch

Save on gas and parking costs by carpooling.

BC RideMatch

Register with your Bellevue College email on BC Ridematch. Create a trip, find ride matches and connect via email or meet on campus to form a carpool. Find out the true cost of your commute, save money, and calendar your trips to win great prizes!

Can’t see the current prizes? Make sure you registered with your Bellevue College email address! Log in and view your account, then change your email address to your BC email to get connected with the Bellevue College network and some great prizes!

Reserved Carpool Parking

Make parking easy: registered carpools get access to reserved parking spaces on the first floor of the garage. Bring three or more people to the K building. One parking permit required. Find out more at the K building or visit the Public Safety website.


Long commute? Dissatisfied with the idea of driving alone? Take a look and see if a Vanshare could work for you. King County Metro Rideshare has all the resources you need to join a group of professionals and start saving money by commuting in a van! See if there are any vanpools in your area at the Metro Vanpool Riders Wanted, or recruit riders and start your own van. Metro even provides for you a Metro VanPool Starter Kit. You can also find vans through BC RideMatch!

Last Updated July 2, 2014