Gender Studies

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field blending courses from anthropology, cultural and ethnic studies, English, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology. You’ll discover how sex, gender and sexuality profoundly shape every aspect of our lives. Gender Studies offers course maps to get you major ready for transfer in two pathways: Gender Studies for Humanities & Communication and Gender Studies for Social Science, Public Service & Community Engagement.

Course Maps

A course map is a quick guide to help students figure out which courses to take each quarter. Course maps were written by BC faculty, who have used their expertise to recommend specific courses students can take to achieve their academic or career goals. Students should meet with an advisor to learn more.

Sample Courses

  • Sex, Gender and Culture
  • Philosophy of Feminism
  • Queer Studies
  • Women Writers
  • Gender in the Social World

Gender Studies Faculty

  • Our dynamic faculty have extensive teaching, research, and community engagement experiences.

    • With a wide range of sociological expertise and backgrounds, we offer a breadth of courses that foster intellectual curiosity, advance students’ careers, and promote lifelong learning. We are passionate about the field of Sociology and love working closely with our students to empower them to build stronger communities and make the world a better place.