Political Science

Explore the connections between society, government, and the public interest. In this field you’ll gain greater understanding of social justice, contemporary politics, and international relations, preparing you for a variety of fulfilling career paths. Political Science offers four tracks to get you major ready to transfer: Education, International Affairs, Media/Journalism, and Public Sector/Law/Business.

Course Maps

A course map is a quick guide to help students figure out which courses to take each quarter. Course maps were written by BC faculty, who have used their expertise to recommend specific courses students can take to achieve their academic or career goals. Students should meet with an advisor to learn more.

Education Course Map

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International Affairs Course Map

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Media/Journalism Course Map

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Public Sector/Law/Business Course Map

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Sample Courses

  • Introduction to American Political Culture
  • Contemporary Global Issues
  • Introduction to Law
  • Environmental Politics
  • The United Nations