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Welcome to the Benefits Hub! Everyday financial tools.

Are you balancing a combination of school, work, and life? Are you working hard, but still having a difficult time keeping up with bills and the rising cost of living? United Way of King County’s Benefits Hub will help you get by, get ahead, and stay ahead so that you can achieve your college and career goals.

We’ll work with you to “get by” by connecting you with emergency assistance and important income supports to mitigate whatever crisis you’re facing today. Let’s tackle it one step at a time so you can focus on other priorities.

Once you’ve achieved stability, we’ll help you “get ahead” by creating and building savings. Finally, we’ll make sure you “stay ahead” by talking through ways to improve your credit score and build a plan with you to build assets and ultimately reach your financial goals.


Schedule an appointment today with one of our financial coaches, stop by Workforce Education (B-131), or sign up for an upcoming workshop to learn more about the opportunities available here at Bellevue College. If you would like to schedule a phone appointment, please specify in special instructions when making an appointment.

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Services Offered


Benefits Hub Coach

Benefits Hub coach can provide the following services:

Financial Coaching:

Build personal savings and spending plan, understand credit, debt management and explore banking. A financial counselor is here in B131 for an in-person appointment every Monday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Paying For College:

Apply for and understand FAFSA/WASFA, scholarships, and other funding resources.

Housing Support:

Access funds, navigate emergency housing and receive other supports like rent and utility assistance.

          Note: Students are recommended to check with Benefits Hub Coach for a housing grant.

       Benefits Access

1 SNAP benefits, EBT/Basic Food application assistance

2 Health-Care Enrollment

3 ORCA LIFT application assistance

    Free Tax Help!


         When: Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday till April 18th, 2020

         Time: 10 am to 2 Pm

          Where: B255

This year, we have a new quick and efficient Scan and Go site tax system: which means, clients, come into our site location, B255 with 4 requirements:

  1. Their social security card/ITIN letters for everyone on the return
  2. Their photo ID
  3. All tax statements (W-2 form, 1099 form, SSA-1099 form, etc.) and
  4. Health insurance form 1095-A. OTHER recommended documents are bank account numbers & routing numbers, and a copy of last year’s tax return.
    *NOTE: if you are filing with a spouse, you both must be present to e-file.

We then scan your tax forms and send it to United Way, where the volunteers there will file your taxes, and then they will scan and send it back to us. The clients can then come back to pick it up on the same day.

The tax site manager for Bellevue College is Vyvy Bui. Please feel free to reach out to her if you have any questions. Her Contact information is given below:

                      Vyvy Bui



       The Student Safety Net:

    • Are you a BC student that needs short term emergency aid/assistance?
    • Are you facing an unforeseen financial crisis?

The Student Safety Net may be able to help with food, shelter, medical care or transportation issues, for more information contact:

                   Please contact Benefits Hub Coach at 425-564-4171 if you need help with applying for The Safety Net Grant.


Workshops and Information Sessions

Join us for workshops and information sessions to learn more about financial resources available on campus! Faculty and Staff, Would you like to have a Benefits Hub member come to speak to your classes or at a department meeting? Schedule an appointment from the link above.








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