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BSUST 110 Communication for Sustainable Business Practices • 4 Cr.


Introduces strategies to best position and communicate your organization's commitment to the environment and social responsibility. Topics cover communication of sustainability strategies, integration of sustainable practices, marketing sustainability services and products, sustainability image positioning and advertising, training of employees, vendors and distributors, and developing accountability at all levels of operation.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Present and discuss concepts, issues and trends in the communication and PR of green/environmental/sustainability strategies

  • Identify history and trends in green/environmental/sustainability terminology and image positioning

  • Discuss strategies to best position and communicate an organization’s commitment to the environment in the context of different industries

  • Apply strategies to market sustainability services and products using specific case studies

  • Discuss issues in aligning green/environmental/sustainability image with actual sustainable practices in business operation

  • Discuss the importance and specific strategies in developing and implementing sustainability training of employees, vendors and distributors; and accountability at all levels of operation

  • Discuss the issues of social responsibility and fair labor practices as they relate to the concept of sustainability

  • Make the business case for the implementation of sustainable business practices based on analysis of facts and information supported by accurate record keeping

  • Discuss the concept of “green washing” and debate the issues relating to accurate reporting and publicizing of “green” practices

  • Discuss how politics, and government and public policies impact the presentation of a “green image”

  • Explore the importance of internal communication in implementing sustainable business strategies

  • Communicate complex ideas in simple terms to stakeholders and lay people with a wide range of knowledge and experience

  • Make a solid business and financial case for implementing sustainable business practices

  • Apply ethical frameworks to decision making in business practices


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