BUS 291 Business Internship I • 2 Cr.


Develops the skills necessary for an effective job search. Topics covered include resumes, cover letters, interviews, job searches, and portfolios. Course is graded credit/no credit. Prerequisite: Entry code. .


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Work as crew on a professional dramatic film shoot
  • Work as crew on a professional documentary film
  • Use the proper terminology used on and off set during production
  • Explain and follow the chain of command on and off a dramatic movie set
  • Work in a group towards a common goal during a production
  • Perform script breakdown, production scheduling, gaffing, make-up, and special effects
  • Describe how a director works with actors during rehearsals and during shooting
  • Identify the various job descriptions of personnel involved in feature film production
  • Perform the step-by-step process of pre-production, production, and breakdown on a dramatic project
  • Present the basics of new digital movie making
  • Describe and use the basic features of various affordable software that can be utilized for editing, special effects, etc. in post production