CES 203 Borderlands • 5 Cr.


What goes on in Border Towns? What do you know about Mexico-U.S. Immigration political policy? What about the history of immigration and where you fit in? Study the most current Borderlands studies from all political perspectives in this dynamic class.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • A general knowledge of US and Mexican immigration law and policy

  • Written and verbal analyses of social and political issues surrounding Mexican immigration to the U.S.

  • An understanding of Nationality, Ethnicity, Race, Culture and Privilege

  • An understanding of various political perspectives on Mexican immigration to the U.S.

  • An understanding of U.S. labor policies

  • A general understanding of Public School Education policy

  • Written and verbal arguments surrounding issues in migration, activism and human rights

  • A critical and historical perspective of the history of U.S.-Mexican immigration