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EDUC 285 Academic Tutoring • V1-5 Cr.


Provides instruction, supervision, and experience in tutoring adult college students in academic disciplines. Useful preparation for careers in education. Fulfills a requirement for the BC Honors Program. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify specific ways to communicate information about the disciplines they are tutoring (e.g., math, logic, writing) to culturally diverse students. Tutors will research, learn, and adopt techniques that make communication in a tutoral setting supportive and effective for students whose cultural background may promote varied styles of learning. For example, tutors will learn when to make or avoid direct eye contact, to take an authoritative or collaberative stance, or to assist students in groups or individually.
  • Analyze critical thinking skills necessary for success in specific disciplines. For example, students will read or look over a tutee's work, be able to determine what category of work it is (e.g., in logic the tutor will analyze the work as consisting of truth tables, Venn diagrams, or squares of opposition), and whether the mistakes being made are the result of scribal errors, conceptual confusion, or computational errors.
  • Explain to tutees how standardized reading, writing and math test scores are reported, and identify tutees' areas of weakness. Students will be able to offer specific suggestions to the tutees on how they might improve their scores.
  • Identify and articulate potential hindrances which keep students from successfully understanding texts and comprehending ideas. For instance, students will point out when tutees are reading texts too quickly, not taking enough notes, not marking the text sufficiently, or not re-reading the text enough times. Students will assess whether tutees are spending enough time on texts and assignments, and make specific suggestions on how to improve study habits.
  • Identify reading and critical thinking skills for successful test-taking, and articulate to tutees how they may most effectively do well on tests, homework assignments, and other course work.
  • Articulate in writing or orally the specific discipline knowledge they have mastered during the quarter in order to help tutees.
  • Write an evaluation of their tutoring experience.

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