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ENGL 180 Critical Reading in the Humanities Lab • V1-2 Cr.


Students work individually under supervision of lab staff to strengthen skills that enhance the ability to read critically. Increases academic vocabulary, builds reading rate, and identifies specific information in reading selections necessary for critical reading. Provides required lab work for ENGL 106.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Using appropriate lab software, students will score 80% or higher on exercises that require them to use at least 40 new "academic" vocabulary words in a variety of contextual activities [Cloze exercises, sentence construction, etc.]
  • Reading at at least 350 words per minute [an average, college-level rate of reading], students will complete comprehension quizzes with 80% or better accuracy.
  • Given a variety of college-level articles written for different academic purposes, students will determine the most effective manner for comprehending each article. They will demonstrate comprehension accuracy by scoring 80% or better on comprehension quizzes.Students will diagnose their own reading strengths and weaknesses by completing a self-assessment instrument which asks them to list and describe their reading strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students will demonstrate progress in at least one reading skill category by scoring higher on a posttest than on a companion pretest.



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