HCTM 310 Essentials of Healthcare Informatics • 5 Cr.


Examines the architecture, components and applications of healthcare information systems, including electronic medical records, health information exchange, medical patient diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic devices and systems, lab and pharmacy systems, computerized provider order entry, and decision support systems. Also looks at trends in health information technologies and applications, and healthcare enterprise. Prerequisite: Acceptance into program or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Assess core competencies for healthcare informatics professionals
  • Evaluate current status and emerging trends in healthcare informatics
  • Articulate the general functions, purposes and benefits of health information systems in various healthcare settings
  • Analyze issues encountered when securing provider and consumer acceptance of health information exchange
  • Appraise the role of usability in adoption of electronic health records
  • Describe how health data is used to improve quality and safety of patient care
  • Demonstrate critical reading skills through focused reading in healthcare informatics