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INDES 140 Introduction to Interior Design • 5 Cr.


Relates design fundamentals to the study and practice of interior design. Topics include introduction to the elements and principles of design and their application to shaping interior space, design processes and methods, sustainability, the role of interior designers in practice and society, and what students can expect as an Interior Design major. Open to all interested students. Class format includes illustrated lectures, discussions, field learning, and projects.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • State the goals of an interior designer
  • State and apply the process of design
  • Demonstrate their knowledge of the vocabulary of interior design
  • Explain and support the worksheet and projects using interior design vocabulary
  • Apply the elements of design to analyze and solve interior design issues
  • Select appropriate materials for backgrounds for function and aesthetic values
  • State and apply the fundamental concepts for space planning and the arrangement of furniture
  • Select appropriate furnishings in regards to construction and style
  • Analyze and design a kitchen to be functional based on user requirements and priorities
  • Analyze and design storage spaces to be functional, accessible, and efficient
  • State and apply the basic fundamentals of lighting
  • Demonstrate the importance of universal design through worksheets and projects
  • Demonstrate the importance of accessible design through worksheets and projects
  • Demonstrate the importance of environmental design through worksheets and projects
  • Demonstrate the importance of specifying “green or recycled products” in the design process
  • Discuss the importance of human values, economy and priorities in regards to quality of life



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