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INDES 370 Design Studio Residential • 5 Cr.


Focuses on residential spaces, the problem solving discipline of design process and its application to single and multi-family dwellings. Develops concepts to achieve design goals and apply theoretical knowledge and technical skills to design solutions. Students work on a variety of professionally relevant interior design projects. Either INDES 270 or INDES 370 may be taken for credit, not both. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the program. Students may repeat course up to 15 credits.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify and solve problems, issues, and concerns of residential (interior) environments.
  • Develop and communicate design intent.
  • Identify and apply products, materials, furnishings, fixtures and equipment that are appropriate for residential use.
  • Evaluate and apply codes, zonings, laws, and regulations appropriate to this building type.



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