RADA 312 Imaging Procedures II • 4 Cr.


Establishes a framework for radiologist assistants performing cystogram, T-tube cholangiogram, hysterosalpingogram, retrograde urethrogram, naso and orenteric feeding tube placement, port injections, fistulosinogram, loopogram, and swallowing studies. Prerequisite: RADA 311 and acceptance into the program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify the pertinent normal anatomy and physiology for the exam being performed
  • List indications and contraindications for the procedure and identify possible alternative methods for the exam
  • Describe the appropriate patient assessment and preparation for the exam
  • Identify any ancillary equipment used in completing the exam
  • Explain the protocol for completed the procedure and identify alternatives that may be used
  • List common pathologies, describe their appearance on images, and identify them on images
  • Identify contrast media and medications appropriate to the procedure
  • Describe possible complications and identify appropriate responses
  • Explain how the appropriate post-procedure care should be presented to the patient