RADA 413 Clinical Internship III • 10 Cr.


Radiologist assistant clinical internship under the supervision of a board certified radiologist in a diagnostic imaging department facilitating the development and documentation of required clinical competencies. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Perform and document successful completion of a minimum of 20% of the mandatory and elective procedures listed below:
    • Gastrointestinal
    • Upper GI
    • Small bowel study
    • Barium enema
    • Genitourinary
    • Cystogram, including a minimum of 10 bladder catheterizations
    • Hysterosalpingogram (imaging only)
    • Retrograde urethrogram
    • Invasive Nonvascular
    • Arthrogram/joint injection and aspiration (standard, CT, or MR)
    • Lumbar puncture under fluoroscopic guidance
    • Nasoenteric and orenteric tube placement or adjustment under fluoroscopic guidance
    • Paracentesis/thoracentesis with image guidance
    • Fistulogram/sonogram
    • Loopogram
    • Tube injections (cholangiogram, etc.)
    • Ductogram (galactogram)
    • Myelogram (standard, CT, or MR)
    • Breast needle localization
    • Invasive Vascular
    • PICC placement
    • Port injection
    • Lower extremity venogram (including venipuncture)
    • Non-tunneled venous catheter central line placement
    • Venous catheter placement for dialysis
    • Post-Processing
    • Routine CT (e.g., 3-D reconstruction, modifications to FOV, slice spacing, or algorithm)
    • Specialized CT (e.g., cardiac scoring, shunt graft measurements)
    • MR data analysis (e.g., 3-D reconstructions, MIP, 3-D surface rendering, volume rendering)