About Registration

The Academic Calendar provides details on important dates and deadlines.


Registration Time

Continuing students can register for classes early beginning with their assigned registration time. You may see or hear this referred to as a “registration appointment”, but this is NOT the time for you to meet with an advisor. It is the date and time you can begin registration.

We assign continuing students registration priority based on the total credits completed at BC.

New students and students returning after not taking classes for 4 or more quarters register during the open registration period. Check the academic calendar for open registration dates for each quarter.

New transfer students who have earned credits from an accredited institution and are planning to pursue a degree at BC are encouraged to bring unofficial copies of their college transcripts to Student Central by the third week of their first quarter of attendance. A maximum of 60 transfer credits can used to reflect cumulative credits for registration appointments in future quarters. This use does not mean that the transfer credits will satisfy degree and certificate requirements at BC. From time to time, we allow enrollments of special populations or programs. These special registrations do not follow the regular college academic calendar for registration purposes.

Course Prerequisite

Some courses have prerequisite requirements. This means you must complete a specific course (often with a certain minimum grade) or demonstrate a skill before you can register for a more advanced course (for example, first-year French is a prerequisite for second-year French). To check if you meet the course prerequisite, see the course description in the Credit Class Schedule. If you completed the prerequisite at another college or university, visit the Course Prerequisites website to find out how to verify completion of the prerequisite.

Last Updated October 9, 2020