Communication Studies

Explore multifaceted ways of conveying ideas, information, and entertainment. You’ll learn how to be an effective communicator in a variety of media and settings. Communication Studies offers courses in human communication, rhetoric, mass media, journalism, and film studies to get you major ready for transfer.

Course Maps

A course map is a quick guide to help students figure out which courses to take each quarter. Course maps were written by BC faculty, who have used their expertise to recommend specific courses students can take to achieve their academic or career goals. Students should meet with an advisor to learn more.

Sample Courses

  • Advertising
  • Introduction to Mass Media
  • Basic Broadcasting
  • Small Group Communications
  • Film History

Program Catalog Page

Points of Pride

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A Solid, Well-Rounded Base

Prepare yourself to take on key positions in a variety of fields including management, public information, broadcasting, personnel training, sales and law.

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Engagement Beyond the Classroom

With a variety of co-curricular activities available, including clubs for virtual reality, film, journalism and public relations, communications studies offers students opportunities to combine learning with social activities and expand their personal interests.

  • Portrait of Laura Nudelman.

    Laura Nudelman

    • Professor

    Laura Nudelman holds a BA in Communication and English from the University of the Pacific. She earned an MA in Speech Communication from San Diego State University. She teaches interpersonal and healthcare communication courses and serves in leadership positions on campus committees.

  • Portrait of Stephanie Hurst.

    Stephanie Hurst

    • Professor

    Stephanie Hurst holds an M.A. and B.A. in Speech Communication from California State University Long Beach. Her teaching emphasizes the application of scholarly theory in an effort to improve students’ lives. Stephanie is passionate about cultivating equity and compassion while sharing her expertise in intercultural communication, conflict management, and mindfulness.

  • Portrait of Li Liu.

    Dr. Li Liu

    • Professor

    Dr. Liu worked as a journalist in China before earning her Ph.D. from the University of Washington. Her research is focused on language and culture, emphasizing how social members use narrative to make sense of life experiences. In addition to teaching, Liu is the study abroad coordinator at BC.