Software Development, Artificial Intelligence Concentration, BAS

This concentration of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Development degree provides pathways to careers in the quickly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI). Building on a base of theoretical and technical knowledge, students will also gain skills applying statistical algorithms to AI applications, understanding language processing, and performing usability testing that evaluates results of human-AI interactions. Explore a technology of the future with this up-to-date program.

Course Maps

A course map is a quick guide to help students figure out which courses to take each quarter. Course maps were written by BC faculty, who have used their expertise to recommend specific courses students can take to achieve their academic or career goals. Students should meet with an advisor to learn more.

Courses & Requirements

The course catalog is a great place to find detailed information on this program.

Sample Courses

  • Information Security Essentials
  • Applied Statistical Methods
  • Natural Language Processing
  • AI Impacts and Applications
  • Human-Centered AI Interaction and Design

Program Catalog Page

Points of Pride

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A Targeted Software Development Degree

Specialized focus areas include data modeling, ML, cognitive computing, and NLP. Students use Python, Python libraries, and SQL.

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Reconsidering Your Career?

A low-cost, high-value degree that can lead to a high-paying careers in a fast-growing field.

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Up-To-Date Courses

The curriculum is updated annually with the help of industry professionals.

  • Dena Laney

    • Program Chair

    Dena Laney holds a Master of Science in Information Science, with a minor in Instructional Design, and a Master of Science in Education with a concentration in Online Learning and Teaching. She focuses on web development, database and Python programming concepts, online course design, and curriculum development.

  • Dr. Olav Opedal

    • Faculty

    Dr. Opedal holds a Bachelors in computer science, a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and a Ph.D. in general psychology. He operates Opedal Consulting, LLC, a veteran-owned firm providing machine learning and AI consulting services. He has worked as a data scientist since 2015, predominantly in the cybersecurity area.

  • Pete Ophoven

    • Faculty

    Pete Ophoven has been working in IT for over 25 years, providing service and support for computer stores, building machines, installing networks, running cables, and operating his own company. He recently celebrated his 10th anniversary as IT Director for a large general contractor headquartered in Seattle, with multiple west coast offices.