Online DTA Presentation

A panorama shot of Faculty Commons that encompasses the whole room and all the people attending. Sue Cox is in the left corner, standing and speaking to the room. In the right corner of the picture is the presentation screen with the words, Online DTA Project, as the title of the presentation.

Online DTA Project

The Online DTA Project is a pilot collaboration where faculty members work with instructional designers to create a high quality course in Canvas that meets the Bellevue College Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) requirements in addition to following best practices in design and Quality Matters (QM) guidelines. The presentation occurred May 19th and highlighted the successes of the faculty members from different divisions. Both faculty and instructional designers involved in the project explained the way the process worked and demonstrated the finished products.

Ekaterina stands in front of the presentation screen in Faculty Commons and gestures with her hands. She is wearing a black dress, and is standing beside one of the red office chairs in Faculty Commons. On the presentation screen behind her is the title slide from the PowerPoint. The slide is Bellevue Blue, and says, "Online DTA Project."If you are interested in learning more about the Online DTA Project or want to work with an instructional designer at Bellevue College, please contact the eLearning Department.

Last Updated August 31, 2016