Accessibility “How To” Webinars

Are you interested in learning how to make your web content accessible but haven't had the chance to take the Accessibility 101 course? Jess Thompson from SBTCC and the creator of the Accessibility 101 course hosted an accessibility webinar series over the winter quarter and has created videos of those webinars. Each webinar video is ...more about Accessibility “How To” Webinars

The Canvas Getting Started Module

Why use a Getting Started Module? Simple: to help students engage with a course. The Getting Started Module is an entry point for students in the course--whether hybrid or online. BC Connect has developed a Getting Started Module template for Canvas courses. What is this Getting Started Module? A brief video is available on YouTube ...more about The Canvas Getting Started Module

Extra Credit in Canvas

Three Ways to do extra credit There are several approaches instructors can adopt to can give students extra credit in Canvas using Assignments: awarding extra points for an existing Assignment-- or for a Discussion or a Quiz creating an Assignment worth zero points providing extra credit using weighted assignment groups Award extra points to graded items ...more about Extra Credit in Canvas