Collaboratory “Interactive Worlds” events sponsored by eLearning

Our Goal:

We want to get BC students, faculty, and staff to attend live events and presentations in the new Collaboratory located in the Bellevue College Learning Media Center.

BC Facilitators: Bruce Wolcott, Gordon Hom, and Sukirti Ranade

Guests: Dr. Don Alvarez with FilmmakerLive

Software engineers Brian Zhou and Xinli Zou with Wyzlink

BC communications faculty member Michael Korolenko and Bystander Intervention Specialist Andrew Conley-Holman

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Event Information:

Title: Online Racism and Bystander Intervention

Date: Thursday, April 27th, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Location: Bellevue College Library Collaboratory Space
Description: BC communications faculty member Michael Korolenko will discuss his research into the recent expansion of online racism.
The second part of this event will discuss “bystander intervention” strategies to help defuse biased incidents and protect others, facilitated by Andrew Conley-Holman. Andrew Conley-Holman is an experienced witness and bystander intervention specialist with a background in resolving situations involving victims of hate crimes and other forms of abuse.

Active participation is encouraged.

Past Events:

Title: Future Visions: Tools for Creating Virtual Reality

Date: Thursday, April 13th, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Location: Bellevue College Library Collaboratory Space
Description: Tech visionary Don Alvarez demonstrates Filmmaker Live and its applications for storytelling and multiuser planning in virtual reality. See high-tech sorcery applied to shared virtual worlds!

Title: Microsoft HoloLens Hands-On

Date: Thursday, April 20th, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Location: Bellevue College Library Collaboratory Space
Description: Chinese software engineers Brian Zhou and Xinli Zou demonstrate the capabilities of the new Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality display system. They discuss how the HoloLens is being used for education in China, and
will give you a chance to try out the HoloLens yourself!

Brian Zhou, CEO of the Seattle area tech firm Wyzlink, was educated in the US and China and worked at Microsoft for nine years in team management.  Xinli Zou also brings Chinese/American/Microsoft cross-cultural experiences with him as CTO of Wyzlink.  Brian and Xinli will be on campus this week to demonstrate the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality (AR) device and discuss their new training program at Bellevue College (north campus).  They will also discuss their recent work using the HoloLens for higher education in China.

Your Participation:

Attend and participate in the live featured Collaboratory “Interactive Worlds” events.  Be curious and excited, expand knowledge in your current academic discipline, be aware of new technologies and their impact on your life, gain direct knowledge from information sources and expertise beyond the BC campus, and increase familiarity with the Collaboratory and its events.

We want to attract and engage BC faculty, and their students in various presentations focused on the theme of new technologies and their social impact. There are several desired outcomes:

  1. Inform students of possible career paths.
  2. Provide information and experiences that augment existing course materials for BC instructors.
  3. Encourage critical thinking and raise awareness of current communication as well as other technical capabilities and related social issues
  4. Promote the engagement of knowledge and expertise outside the classroom and expand awareness of the Collaboratory space in the BC library.
  5. Attend each featured Collaboratory “Interactive Worlds” event
  6. Actively learn and participate in each featured event
  7. Return to future Collaboratory events

Last Updated October 25, 2022