Analytics tool

At InstructureCon 2018, the company announced that Analytics 2 will be released. Bellevue College will add Analytics 2 in Canvas after December 11th. Analytics 2 will improve the visual representation of course data for students and instructors. Visit the Analytics 2 release notes for details on this release.

Highlights for Analytics 2:

  • Will exist concurrently with the existing analytic tool in a Canvas course.  You can use either one to view course data.
  • Will eventually replace the current analytics tool.
  • By default, it is hidden in the course menu. Instructors can unhide the menu item in the Navigation settings.
  • When Analytics 2 is active in the course menu, the link will not be visible to students.
  • The tool is retroactive and displays all existing course information.
  • Data is updated every 24 hours and will display the time since the last update on screen.

Last Updated November 2, 2020