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Read and Agree to the Financial Aid Contract

Understanding and Agreement to Financial Aid Requirements

Once you complete the FAFSA and submit all other required documents, your file is ready to review. We review your file and determine the types and amounts of aid you are eligible for. A Financial Aid Notification of Award letter is sent to your BC email address. There are specific federal and state requirements you must follow to keep your financial aid award and maintain your future eligibility. It is important for you to understand these requirements. Please read and indicate your acceptance at the end of this document.

Program of Study

Your program of study is the degree or certificate you plan to work on while attending Bellevue College. Please note the following:

  • You are required to choose and work on a program of study that is offered at Bellevue College.
  • We report your program of study to the Department of Education (ED) each year.
  • Your program of study must be at least 24 credits, and fully approved under state and federal requirements.
  • You must notify the Financial Aid Office if you plan to change your program of study.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

We monitor SAP every quarter and at the beginning of each year during the file review process.

  • You must earn at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) each quarter, and for all combined quarters on your transcript
    • We check your cumulative GPA – all classes including developmental (below the 100 level) classes, and
    • We check your college GPA – all classes 100 level and above
  • You are required to complete your program within a specific period of time – See MTF under Getting and Keeping your Aid.
  • Your financial aid award is based in part on the number of credits you register for each quarter. You must complete at least 67% of your credits each quarter, and overall or you risk losing your aid. See Pace under Getting and Keeping your Aid.

Census Date

If you receive federal Pell grant funds, you must finalize your enrollment by the last day to receive a 100% refund – check the academic/enrollmentcalendar for the exact date each quarter. This is called our Census Date. Up until the census date we adjust your Pell grant to match your enrollment level. Federal rules do not allow us to adjust your Pell grant after the census date.

  • If you add classes after the census date: We cannot increase your Pell grant to reflect your actual enrollment.
  • If you drop classes on or before the census date: We adjust your Pell grant down to reflect your actual enrollment.
    • You may owe a repayment if Pell grant funds were already disbursed to you.
    • If dropping a class/es results in a refund, the refund is returned to the Pell grant program, and may reduce the amount you owe.

Additionally, we do not adjust other financial aid awards once we disburse funds to you. For other aid programs you may receive a warning, or cancellation if you fail to complete the number of credits you were awarded for. See Getting and Keeping your Aid.

Financial Literacy

Washington State and Bellevue College want to provide you with the best information possible so you can make smart decisions about your finances and paying for school.  We have partnered with iGrad to provide resources on the Washington College Grant (formerly Washington State Need Grant), work study, scholarships and borrowing loans wisely.   Please visit iGrad,

Conditions of Award: Federal Aid, State Aid and Workforce Education Funding)

In order to receive financial aid you must comply with the following conditions.
1. You must not owe a repayment to any federal or state grant program and cannot be in default on a state or federal student loan.
2. You must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the federal and state aid programs.
3. If you do not attend or if you withdraw from your classes, you may owe a repayment of all or part of the aid you received.
4. Offers of financial aid are subject to, and conditioned upon, the availability of funds. We reserve the right to withdraw, reduce, or modify the awards due to funding limitations or due to changes in circumstances which affect your eligibility for the various aid programs.
5. You must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to remain eligible for financial aid – Review the SAP policy under Getting and Keeping your Aid.
6. You must not pursue a degree in theology or hold a bachelor’s degree
If you are awarded the Washington College Grant, you may choose to voluntarily make financial contributions to the Washington Student Achievement Council in recognition of the assistance that you received. All voluntary contributions are used to provide financial assistance to other students. Please contact financialaid@wsac.wa.gov for more information.

The Washington Student Achievement Council administers the majority of the state’s student financial aid programs, which are known collectively as Opportunity Pathways. Please visit www.opportunitypathways.wa.gov for more information.


  • Read all questions carefully
  • Answer all questions completely and truthfully
  • You may be required to support your answers with documentation
  • You must complete all questions before your application can be submitted

By continuing you are agreeing to follow the Financial Aid contract.

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