Bus & ORCA Card

We are served by a number of bus lines running throughout the area, check the Bellevue College Bus and Bicycle Map. If you aren’t sure which route fits your needs, check out these tools:

  • Trip Planners let you plan your trip based on where you need to be and when. Hint: Enter both “Bellevue College” and “Eastgate” as your destination.
  • Bellevue College is served by many bus routes. The Eastgate Neighborhood, home of Bellevue College, is the best place to find route maps and schedules
  • One Bus Away (available online or on a smartphone) updates you with real-time bus arrival data, so you never miss a bus or waste time waiting.

Transit Subsidy: Several Options for Students

Special Note: Due to the COVID-19 response, Bellevue College student ORCA Card and Commuter Check sales for Spring quarter will be closed until in-person classes resume. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause. We look forward to helping you commute to campus as soon as we can, and we will keep this page updated.

Starting Spring Quarter 2015 Bellevue College offers an exclusive Transit Subsidy for ORCA to students. Enjoy rides on Metro Transit and Sound Transit, and other Puget Sound modes of transportation. See the options below and determine which is best for you.


  • Bellevue College doubles your bus money through the ORCA Plus program.
  • ORCA Plus can be purchased at increments of $60 (get $120 value) and $120 (get $240 value).
  • Once students purchase the ORCA Plus Card, it is their property. Students should register their card in case it becomes lost or is stolen. For assistance on registering the ORCA Plus Card, see the “Register your ORCA Card”
  • The ORCA Plus Cards are on sale at the Student Financial Services office (B126) the week prior to the first day of each quarter. Supplies are limited.
  • To purchase your card you must complete the ORCA Plus User Agreement.

ORCA Plus Options:

  • ORCA Plus Blue — $240 Value (purchased for $120). Requires registration in 10 credits or more. Purchase at Cashier’s Office (B 126).
  • ORCA Plus Silver — $120 Value (purchased for $60). Requires registration in 5 credits or more. Purchase at Cashier’s Office (B 126).

Youth Cards

Youth are eligible to purchase both ORCA Plus Blue and ORCA Plus Silver.

Youth 18 years of age and younger are eligible for both ORCA Plus Blue and ORCA Plus Silver.

All youth cards expire June 30 of each year and automatically become an Adult ORCA Card.

Reduced Fare Transit Options

  • Two programs assist eligible transit riders with reduced fare: ORCA LIFT and the Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP), which cost $1.50 per trip.
  • Students can receive the Bellevue College transit subsidy while enrolled in these regional programs. First, students must demonstrate eligibility at King County Public Health (for LIFT) and Metro Customer Service (for RRFP). Once students qualify, they can purchase a Commuter Check in the Bellevue College Cashier’s Office in B 126. A Commuter Check is a debit card that can only be used on transit programs.
  • For assistance loading a Commuter Check onto your ORCA card, see the “Load your Commuter Check” video.


  • Eligibility: Orca LIFT is available to people with household incomes of less than double the federal poverty level. Being enrolled in Medicaid, EBT, TANF, or having the Opportunity/State Needs grant automatically qualifies a person for the program. For more information, please visit the King County website.
  • How to Purchase:
    • Students: Apply online at the Orca LIFT website.
    • Purchase a Commuter Check at the Cashier’s Office (B 126)
      • $240 and $120 Commuter Checks available. Confirm your Orca LIFT eligibility prior to purchasing the Commuter Check.

Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP)

  • $240 and $120 Commuter Checks available. Confirm RRFP eligibility prior to purchasing the Commuter Check.
  • For seniors (above 65 years of age) and disabled students. Learn more on Metro’s RRFP website. Commuter Checks require the same credit load as ORCA Plus.
  • How to Purchase:
    • Qualify at ORCA Customer Service in King Street Station, Seattle.
    • Purchase Commuter Check at Cashier’s Office (B 126).


  • Bellevue College transit subsidies are the property of the student who purchased them – they are not transferable to another person
  • Only one card sale per eligible student is allowed per quarter
  • Commuter Check for ORCA cards should be used in the quarter they are issued.
  • Registered ORCA cards may be reported lost, stolen or damaged by visiting orcacard.comor calling ORCA customer service (888) 988-6722.
  • To receive the subsidy, students must complete the ORCA Plus User Agreement.

For BC Commuter Check for ORCA questions visit the student business center at C105 – call 425-564-2297 – email transportation@bellevuecollege.edu

Information for Employees

Please contact Payroll (X4270) or the Office of Sustainability (X2720 or sustainability@bellevuecollege.edu) for info on how to get an Employee ORCA Card.

Last Updated April 9, 2020