Maintain regular, effective, and substantive contact with students in an online/hybrid course.

Canvas tools can assist in maintaining regular, effective, and substantive contact with students in an online/hybrid course.

1. Create a Discussion Forum in the Getting Started Module.

  • Keep this Discussion forum open for access during the whole quarter.
  • Invite all students to participate and invite peer responses among students.
  • Respond to messages with 24hrs.

2. Office hours:

  • Post your scheduled office hours, some evening and weekend hours to inform students that you are available via phone, email, chat or video conferencing.
  • Use ZOOM, Cranium Café, Big Blue Button or Skype for one-on-one conference calls and group video conferencing. You can also schedule at least one online session with each individual student to discuss questions on course content.

3. Announcements

  • Use the Announcements tool to post weekly or semi-weekly reminders about due dates and upcoming events.

4. Participate in the Discussions

  • Leave a footprint in your online classroom. Students should feel your online presence frequently.
  • When the instructor participates students become more involved. Comment on student’s posts. Reply to students by the first name.

5. View Student Participation Logs

  • In Canvas you have options to track student activity via Course Analytics, Course Statistics, and Student Analytics.
  • Check for weekly participation. Check Logs to verify students are participating regularly.
  • Check your student list in the People tool and see when a student logged in last. This is similar to taking attendance in face-to-face courses and contacting students if they go missing.
  • Contact students individually. Do not rely solely on Messaging for absent students as they may have technological difficulties preventing them from logging in.

6. Instructional Videos

  • Videos can demonstrate procedures to assist in mastery learning. Videos facilitate students’ understanding of important material or topics that require emphasis or in depth explanations.
  • Use Panopto to present lecture material with captions.
  • Beneficial for Visual Learners and increases content availability.
  • Create opportunities for self-study and allow students to learn at their own pace.
  • Create videos for review sessions and relate important concepts, add these video links to your Syllabus so students know when to expect them.

7. Review and Grade Assignments in a Timely Manner – Use the Speedgrader

  • Return graded assignments to students within the same time frame you would use for a face-to-face class.
  • Assignments posted may or may not have a grade, but all submissions need a response and critique in some form.

8. Provide Audio/Written Feedback:

  • Provide feedback and substantive comments for student submissions. Feedback reinforces key concepts.
  • Audio and Video feedback provides a personal touch. Canvas’ audio and video capabilities ensure accessibility for users of all abilities and provide a range of pedagogical choices for instructors.



Last Updated December 28, 2018