Zoom-to-Panopto Integration

As of today, Monday, April 6th, the college has integrated Zoom and Panopto. What this means for faculty is that your Zoom Cloud recordings will automatically be copied into your Panopto My Folder > Meeting Recordings folder, upon which successful transfer each Zoom Cloud recording will move to the Zoom trash bin. This will happen without you doing anything. This connection is illustrated by the green arrow in the diagram below.

We are doing this for a couple of reasons: first, while Zoom Cloud recordings are available to the public by default, Panopto videos are available only to the people in the Canvas class folder they reside in by default. In short, we have control over our Panopto videos to a much greater extent than we do our Zoom Cloud recordings.

The second reason we’re doing this is that, with a little bit of tweaking on your part, you can further protect the students in your Zoom class recordings by directing a Zoom meeting ID to a specific Panopto folder. Two such connections are illustrated by the orange arrows in the diagram below. For more information and instructions, see our Zoom-to-Panopto 2: Class Recordings to Class Folder page.

Illustration of Zoom to Panopto connection
All Zoom Cloud recordings move to your Panopto My Folder > Meeting Recordings folder You may choose to connect specific Zoom meeting IDs to specific Panopto folders.

Last Updated April 7, 2020