2016-2017 Worksheets

This section of the website provides program completion worksheets for the 2016-2017 academic year. Completion worksheets list the requirements for all Bellevue College degrees and certificates and help you keep track of your progress as you complete your degree or certificate.

Students walk on BC's campus.

Bachelor Degrees (2016-2017)

Worksheets for Bachelor of Applied Arts, Bachelor of Applied Science, and Bachelor of Science degrees.

Non-Transfer Associate Degrees (2016-2017)

Worksheets for two alternative non-transfer associate degrees to grant academic recognition for students completing 90 credits of college level courses. These degrees are not designed for students who intend to pursue a bachelor degree at a university.

Professional/Technical Degrees and Certificates (2016-2017)

The college offers a wide array of associate degrees and certificates which prepare students to enter the workforce with the education and skills required.

Transfer Associate Degrees (2016-2017)

The college offers six transfer associate degrees which prepare students to pursue a variety of intended majors for a bachelor degree at a university.